Traumatized Youth

Physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect are deeply traumatizing to children at all ages. Tragically, trauma causes profound neurological damage that alters a child's holistic development, often leading to emotional and behavioral problems that range from mild to severe. Many traumatized children meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Additionally, so much about our Industrialized culture runs contrary to the needs of children. Many parents are shocked to discover that much of what is considered "good parenting", "a good education" and a "good socialization" in our culture actually causes and exacerbates child trauma.

Boys and young men in their early 20's are the silent victims of sexual abuse. Although they suffer sexual abuse in numbers equal to girls and young women, our society ignores the problem and fails to provide adequate protection, awareness and services for male victims. As a result, most parents are not adequately equipped to educate and protect their sons, especially their adolescent sons, nor identify symptoms of sexual trauma in their sons.

Traditional mental health treatments often fail to heal trauma in children, as healing must begin at the neurological level- in the limbic system- where trauma is primarily stored. Laurie has nearly two decades of professional expertise treating traumatized children of all ages, including successfully treating some of the most severe cases of child abuse and some of the most violent children. Through coaching and consulting with parents, Laurie will:

  • Educate parents about trauma's effects on children's holistic development,
  • Educate parents about and help parents find neurological-based trauma treatments for their children,
  • Support parents with the family repair process, including how to find healing for their own trauma,
  • Support parents in learning and practicing trauma-sensitive ways of parenting,
  • Support parents in creating or finding trauma-sensitive educational environments,
  • Help parents to support holistic healing and attachment repair with their children, and
  • Support parents of sons in identifying or creating boy-sensitive resources for information, support, healing and treatment.

In addition to Laurie's professional experience, she is also the mom of a son who suffered severe and chronic trauma before he joined her life through adoption -- Trauma-sensitive parenting has been a way of life for Laurie.

Laurie offers a 12-week coaching support package or single consultation sessions for parents and professionals. She is able to work with you via phone, email or Skype. Get started on your family's healing journey today!