Attachment Parenting and Unschooling

Our sons and daughters come into the world with very specific
developmental needs that must be met in order for them to thrive
holistically and develop to their full potentials. At every stage of development, from pre-birth through late adolescence, the sensitivity in which we respond to and meet the needs of our children affects the parent-child attachment relationship, which nature intended to be secure to young adulthood.

Unfortunately, our industrialized culture is at odds with what nature intended for our children's holistic development at every stage of childhood and adolescence. As a result, children's needs are not being met on a global scale. Attachment disruption and trauma are common, leading to the rampant behavioral, emotional and learning struggles, family disconnection and violence that is so common around the world.

Likewise, our traditional education system is not only at odds with how children naturally learn, but it is developmentally inappropriate for children at all grade levels. Our children are so overwhelmed by the unhealthy demands of schooling, that they are exhibiting alarm signals in the form of learning "disabilities", behavioral problems, depression,  anxiety and loss of passion for learning. Bullying and toxic social influences are also rampant in schools. Boys are especially suffering in the public school system, being labeled with "ADHD" and medicated in epidemic numbers for natural behavior and needs.

Fortunately, through the wisdom of nature's intent, Laurie will work with you through coaching and consulting to assist you in:

  • Identifying and reconnecting to your children's developmental and attachment needs,
  • Identifying and supporting your children's unique, individual learning needs,
  • Helping your children rediscover their passion for learning,

... as well as assist you on the journey of healing your parent-child attachment relationships,  at any age and stage!

  • If you are a new parent, or an expectant parent, Laurie will help start your family on the path of nature's intent!
  • If you are already an attachment-parenting, homeschooling or unschooling family, Laurie will support you in identifying your family's needs and developing a plan of action.

Laurie offers a 12-week coaching support package or single consultation sessions for parents and professionals. She is able to work with you via
phone, email or Skype. Get started on your family's healing journey today!