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After speaking with Laurie, I feel like I’ve won the trifecta!...Laurie gave me the confidence to listen to what my children need and not to worry about the naysayers... Laurie’s knowledge base and insight
is incredible, and it was truly a joy to speak with her.
— Mitzi Weir, mom of two
Laurie is warm, kind, and feels deep empathy and compassion for children and adults... Laurie worked her magic and we have been able to become a much more connected family — working together.
— Elizabeth Handler, mom of five
Laurie A Couture, I am so very grateful and impressed with your openness, warmth and compassion during our consultation. The information you so graciously shared with me has definitely changed the dynamics at home. I am no longer stressed or anxious about my family’s future. It’s amazing how much clearer it was to understand my role as a partner to my child once you broke down the secure [attachment] parenting cycle. It is so simple, yet most of us miss it. You provided me with so many feasible tools, many of which I have already researched and started the process
of integrating into our lives. I feel blessed to have found you, honored to have worked with you and excited about the possibility of continuing
to work with you in the near future. You are a very special soul.
— Lisa Zaptanis, mom of one