Instead of Medicating and Punishing

This life changing book helps parents to:

  • Connect with what all children and adolescents need if they are to thrive emotionally, behaviorally, educationally, socially, physically and spiritually;

  • Learn how children’s brains are wired from conception through adolescence to need certain parenting and educational conditions that are different from almost everything we have grown up with or have learned from our culture.

  • Find out what people in peaceful tribal cultures have known about parenting and education for millennia.

  • Discover multiple alternatives to medication, talk therapy, behavioral modification, punishment, diagnosing and joyless school environments.

  • Heal your child’s mild, moderate or severe emotional, behavioral and learning challenges and trauma at the root causes, resulting in genuine improvements in learning and family closeness.

  • Includes special chapters and information about the special needs of adoptive children and families.

Instead of Medicating and Punishing is perfect for:

  • Parents of children of all ages, from pregnancy through late adolescence

  • Parents of biological or adoptive children, including step-parents and grandparents raising grandchildren

  • Professionals who work with children

  • Concerned citizens who wish to learn the childhood origins of society’s most urgent social problems

What other authors are saying about Instead of Medicating and Punishing

“This incredible book can bring peace to humanity…” -Naomi Aldort, PhD, Author, Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves

“Every parent, teacher, mental health professional, social worker, nurse and child advocate should read this book!”James DeMeo, PhD, Author, Saharasia

“Laurie A. Couture is an eloquent advocate of children’s rights and presents a strong case in favor of… trusting our children’s natural abilities to grow, learn and thrive. She encourages us to create a world where children’s wonderful individuality and unique needs are respected and joyfully embraced.” –Wendy Priesnitz, Editor-in-Chief, Natural Life Magazine; Author, Challenging Assumptions in Education

What parents are saying about Instead of Medicating and Punishing

“Your book is my bible. I was so unsteady starting out in home education three years ago and your book was my ROCK. Not only for the valuable information in it, but also for the powerful foundation of love that I felt in every page. I cannot even begin to thank YOU.” -Christeil Gota

“The only parenting books worth a read: /Instead of Medicating and Punishing/ and /The Continuum Concept/ [by Jean Liedloff]! This book needs to be promoted worldwide!” -Heather Rexroad

“I am excited to hear from Laurie A. Couture. Her book literally saved my daughter’s life and humanity and I cannot wait to have the chance to meet her in person. ” -Anonymous


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