An Unschooled Teen's Vision For World Peace: Love and Respect Children

"If every action you made had loving intentions, if every move we made was born of love, the world would be healed, the world would be whole." -Brycen R. R. Couture

On June 9, 2012,  our family and friends gathered at a beautiful ocean side park to celebrate and honor my son's unschooling journey with an unschool graduation ceremony. A month prior to the celebration, Brycen was chosen to be featured as a Youth Luminary on Inspire Me His profile and his 500-word essay were featured on their site, today, 6/30/12!

Unfortunately, some of Brycen's words about traditional school were edited out of the Inspire Me posting. Below is Brycen's entire, unedited essay on achieving world peace through love and treating children with respect. To see the Inspire Me post as well as his profile, please click here.

My Vision for World Peace: Love and Respect All Children

by Brycen R. R. Couture

The first and most obvious thing is that love is the single element that can heal the world. Most people aren't sure where to put the love, how to cultivate it or how to feel it. Allow me to tell you: You need to start by loving your children.

If you give unconditional and total love, nurturance and meet the needs of your kids, then they are going to grow up and be able to pass that on to their kids. The children of today are the entire population of the future world. If everyone treated their kids with total unconditional love and met all of their needs, we would have a full world population of people who have been loved, who have had their needs met and they would believe and trust in the natural coexistence of all life. How monumental is that?

When I say children, I mean from zero to early 20's. The needs I believe children are not getting met in this society are, first and foremost, from [a lack of] Attachment Parenting. Children are made up of needs and whatever you put into them. If you meet those needs, then children are full of met needs and love. If you are putting shame, hatred, anger, punishment or violence into your children, then they become full of that negativity. Most of the culture sends children off to public school- That system is punitive. It is a very solid box into which we try to stuff these very creative individuals...

One of the worst beliefs that adults have in the mainstream culture is that if you give kids freedom, they are not going to know how to handle themselves. "Freedom" is a concept that adults in a sick culture have concocted. While you are still innocent, freedom is just living, its not something you obtain or can have or abuse; freedom is just what life is. It's constraint that destroys innocence and restricts life. Constraint can be punishments, school, when your needs aren't responded to and other forms of child abuse; those things constrain freedom, so they also constrain lives.

What matters is love, what doesn't matter is superficial material objects such as designer clothing, video games, computers, technology, TV- Things like that don't meet needs. Schooling does not meet needs. School is something that was obsolete ever since it was created and needs to go. There's the idea that getting a good job means success. That is so wrong-minded. What matters is happiness and joyfulness with your life and doing what you are passionate about and that you love. Again, the whole love thing- If it has to do with love, its good!

Goodness is love just as love is good. It's a circular thing. If you give $100. to a charity because it soothes your conscience that's not necessarily out of love. Everyone should cherish the world and the world will be healed. If you loved your children with irrational abandon, if you loved all people, the world and yourself, if every action you made was made with love, the world would be healed. If every action you made had loving intentions, if every move we made was born of love, the world would be healed, the world would be whole.