Children Are Not Born to Be Cogs for the Global Market

A responder to The Huffington Post article about "education reform" wrote that children "must" be "prepared" by schools to "compete" in the global market. The responder stated that children should not get the impression that the world can meet their needs! This was my response to that person's comment: Why "must" children do anything for the global market? I don't understand this view of seeing children as cogs in the system or pawns for the government­. Children have a birthright to live and learn in freedom and in joy, according to their own passions and interests. They do not HAVE to "prepare" for anything, let alone to assist the government in staying a world power. The world can fit everyone's needs. The school has never fit children's needs, not even their most basic physical needs. It certainly does not fit children's emotional, creative and intellectu­al needs and in fact mangles children.

The young human being is not born to be some cog in a system or some test score to increase globalizat­ion. The young human is born to play, explore, learn, create, invent, dream and receive love and connection from parents and support and inspiratio­n from friends and the community. Anything less is oppressive­.