Homeschoolers Who Run Businesses: The EpiCoutures Family Store

One of the coolest things about unschooling/homeschooling families is their creative, brilliant inventiveness! I have met so many homeschoolers- children of all ages- who have their own businesses selling beautiful handmade crafts, comic books, graphic novels, CDs, stuffed animals, jewelry, art work, films, books and helpful services. Children who are allowed to live and learn freely have the time, support and creative passion to devote to starting businesses or making and selling their unique art and craft works.  My 17 year old son, Brycen R. R. Couture, has been selling his artistic products since he started his stuffed toys business, "Feendz", at age 12. As a metal musician, Brycen released his solo EP on 4/8/11 and he is now making and selling custom chain maille bracelets.

On April 12, 2011, at the Life Rocks! Radical Unschool Conference in North Conway, NH unschooling families set up a market place of stores selling artistic products or unique services. It was a wonderful opportunity for unschooling families to support one another.  I feel it is important for unschooling/homeschool families to support others in the unschooling/homeschooling communities in this manner, as it honors children and homeschooling families and such recognition allows children to see the fruits of Fun!

My son loves to call our two-person family unit, "The Epic-Coutures", so I offer you now in this post, The EpiCoutures Family Store!

The EpiCoutures Family Store

Products by Brycen R. R. Couture, age 17

Serenade To Darkness: Divion's Cut Glam/Goth Metal EP

$8. each

My son's CD is a statement for children's rights. His powerful, haunting lyrics are the voice for abused and oppressed children. Features five songs, two death metal, two rock and one acoustic song.

To purchase,  please email us or send payment via PayPal using this account:


Medieval Chain Maille Bracelets in Custom Styles

$15. to $90. depending on style and size

Brycen custom cuts and fashions each and every link used in his Medieval-inspired chain maille bracelets. Shown are some of the styles he offers, which he can custom fit to order.  (Pouches, necklaces and armor available for higher cost). To purchase,  please email us style and size preferences:



Feendz Stuffed Toys

$6. each

Brycen starting making Feendz and selling them in stores at age 12. Feendz are made of felt and can be color customized. Other custom options are available. To purchase, email us at:  (Recommended for ages 4 to 104)


Products by Laurie A. Couture, Unschooling Mom

Instead of Medicating and Punishing book

$25.  each (while in stock)

A must-read for all Attachment Parenting and unschooling, homeschooling and alternative education-minded families! This books assists parents in connecting to their children of any age, from pre-birth to late adolescence, and helps parents heal emotional, behavioral or learning challenges. For more info visit:

To purchase directly from us (while in stock), please email us at:


The Hypocrisy Chronicles Comics by Laurie A. Couture

$10. per booklet of comics

This hilarious comic series by Laurie A. Couture exposes the hypocrisy of public schooling, our culture's disrespectful, subordinating parenting philosophies as well as our culture's habit of closing its eyes to the abuse of children. A funny, moxie-ish and unforgiving laugh at our culture's hypocrisy! (Comics come as a hand-stapled booklet). To purchase, please email me or send payment via PayPal at