So You Want to Unschool Your Child or Teen? Yes, you CAN do it!

So you want to unschool your child or teen? Yes, you CAN do it!

I have uploaded six videos to my YouTube Channel, explaining the five steps to the unschooling process.

The Five Steps to Unschooling:

1. As parents, deschool your beliefs about education

2. Let your children play and follow their interests

3. Hook into resources in your community, provide materials related to your child's interests and get involved in your local and online unschooling communities

4. Document your unschooling journey with a portfolio and daily log book

5. Trust nature's learning process for your child!

Our Children Innately Know Best How to Learn on Their Own

Our children innately know their unique purpose. They know intuitively what they must learn, pursue, research, explore, create, compose and invent in order to unfold their inner joy, brilliance and genius. As parents, we must support this delicate process by allowing children to play and learn in their own way. Forcing academics hinders learning, harms natural child development and derails the natural process of self-awareness and self actualization. If we change our belief system about education and learning, we can let go and allow this wonderful journey of freedom and joy with our children to begin!

We trust that nature knows the process for orchestrating the most complex laws of the Universe, such as life, time, space, planetary orbit and galaxy formation. Just as we trust that the human body knows how to perform all of its functions in perfect symphony and grow, repair cells and develop from infancy into adulthood, we can trust that the human body also knows perfectly how to learn everything it needs to learn... As parents, our job is to love, cherish and support our children, guide, mentor and model for them, play with them, hook them into their community and provide them with the materials and means to do what they love (or to spark new interests). Involving ourselves and our children in our local and online unschooling communities will expand our social networks and provide support for the unschooling and Attachment Parenting way of life.

I posted the first video below. I hope you enjoy the six videos; please support the videos by sharing them, subscribing to my YouTube channel and "Liking" and "Favoriting" the videos. If you need any help getting started with unschooling, need assistance with the portfolio, are a single parent who wishes to unschool, are unschooling an adolescent, are considering unschooling your child who has been in school or traditionally homeschooled, or if have questions along the way of your unschooling journey, please feel free to contact me- I offer supportive unschooling consultation and Attachment Parenting coaching and would love to help you make unschooling happen for your children!