Children are Born to Learn Everything They Need On Their Own

No one has to (or should) teach children anything. Children are wired from birth to learn everything they need to learn to reach their full potentials. They just need adults to get out of their way and instead guide, mentor and expose children to the resources they want and need in order to explore, create, play and invent. Children need to be free in order to learn. Public school destroys children's innate passion for what they were individually born to do and forces them to be something they are not. Those who can hold onto a piece of themselves will then spend the next 20+ years trying to undo the damage that the school did. How is it that people learned on their own for millennia, and our history's most brilliant minds were infrequently schooled or unschooled, but yet today, with all of the "education" children receive, we have no more Shakespeares, DaVincis, Motzarts, Beethovens, Einsteins or Benjamin Franklins? Also, Margaret Mead, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Claude Monet, Serena and Venus Williams, Beatrix Potter, Agatha Christie, Robert Frost, Virginia Woolf and the Wright brothers and so many more famous great minds were homeschooled. As someone who works with children, what I see from the public schools are broken, miserable children who have lost their passion for life and learning. How could anyone who cares about children believe that children being held hostage in prison-like environments could lead them to joy, innovation, passion and happiness? In order for children to thrive, they need to be released from their cages- Each child needs to be freed to live and learn in harmony with their unique consciousness. Unschooling is the true way for children to learn- in joy and in freedom, which they have an innate, inherent right to do.