Public Schools Pathologize Childhood; Cause Severe Distress to Healthy Children

Every single day in my work as a mental health counselor, children of all ages are being brought to me, being referred, because the public school insists there is something wrong with them, something that must be punished, manipulated, controlled, pathologized, drugged up and strangled out. That something is called childhood--the basic needs, nature and energy of childhood. The schools are causing healthy children to become depressed, anxious, distressed, aggressive and suicidal. Healthy, energetic, normal childhood, boyhood behavior is labeled a brain disorder (ADHD) and children are subdued with chemicals so that schools can continue to operate in a grossly developmentally inappropriate manner. The schools so aggressively overpower parents that parents ignore and deny their natural instincts and intuition about their children's needs. Parents instead become extensions of the school's oppression on their children, keeping children locked into a place that they hate- A place that drowns every pleasure and joy of being a child that they can uncover. Even when children have made suicide attempts due to their distress about the pressures and demands of the school environment, parents still won't do the obvious and remove their children from the source of their distress. Parents, you must protect your children and stop letting the school bully you into believing that you and your child NEED the school, that there is no other option! Thousands of children who homeschool or who are in Montessori, Waldorf, democratic and other child-focused schools are thriving, feeling joy and happiness in their lives and have time for play, family, friends and life. Before public school was forced in 1850, most of our society's greatest minds were unschooled. Human beings for millennia taught their own young, as every mammal does-- What has made parents today believe they are so incompetent to guide their children that for the first time in the history of humanity we have to lock children up for the best years of their lives, the best hours of the day, away from family and time for friends, in order for them to learn? The reality is, they don't learn anything except how to suffer; how to put off their own needs, development, wishes, dreams, urges, passions and innate drives for their own paths to knowledge.

Traditional school intrudes into every area of a child and family's life, draining away any time for family, play, socialization, invention, exploration, travel, imagination and solitude. Traditional school mangles children's love for learning, their passion for exploration, their genius and creativity and their innate sense of competence, drive and initiative. It robs children of doing what they were individually, uniquely born to do. This happens because parents allow it. They allow the public school to wield more and more power over their children, over their families and over their lives. If parents stopped making their children do homework, if they stopped bringing their children to public school, if they became activists and demanded that public education be democratic and open source, if they demanded that children have a right to hire and fire teachers, design their own curriculum with their parents and  insisted that play, physical activity and fun must be restored as the natural developmental means by which all children learn, schools would lose their power and parents and children would have it back. In a democracy, that is where empowerment belongs, with the people. And schools have apparently never learned the fact that children are people, too.