Exhausted by the Mainstream Drowning Out Natural Instinct

My publisher suggested to me a few months ago that I should increase my book's visibility by blogging. Bloggers are everywhere, making it clear to me that blogging is one of the keys to viral marketing. Yes, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, and what I like about Facebook is the ability to post links and write small comments. I am a busy woman, and quick is what I need after a long day of working, overseeing my son's unschooling and taking care of the day to day chaoses of life. Thus, blogging has seemed like a chore. I stopped this morning and asked myself why I, a passionate writer who wishes to make a living at promoting my book and writing other books, would be anything other than ecstatic about writing a blog about attachment parenting, unschooling, and natural family living. The answer came as inertia glared down on my shoulders and eye lids: I'm exhausted by the mainstream. I am exhausted by how mainstream ignorance consistently and relentlessly drowns out nature's pleas with the human race to live in harmony with how we were intended by nature to live. I am exhausted by the bitter and hostile defensiveness of those too wounded by industrialization to even consider that the very problems they complain about are a result of our culture itself and our brainwashed belief that our way of life is the only way imaginable.

Enlightenment can be excruciating, and a difficult process of life long self discovery, pondering, insight, understanding, guilt, remorse, grief, acceptance, application, re-evaluation, then further self-discovery. The knowledge to discover and the opportunities to refine, expand, re-examine and deepen our insights, is infinite. There are hundreds of thousands of enlightened people in our world. The number of industrialized people who are shedding the blinders and are living in harmony with nature are growing. I am energized, invigorated and overjoyed by bridging to, reading and dialoguing with such people. However, the mainstream mindset is so ubiquitous, that it can feel like my voice for natural family living principles is being drowned in a sea of ignorance- an ignorance that clings to-the-absolute-death to comfortable, yet poisonous ideals, no matter how much suffering those ideals cause humanity (especially children), animals, or our planet.

I have come to see that despite it seeming as if the mainstream acculturation is far too frenzied, out of control and schizophrenic to grind to a halt, knowledge entails social responsibility. I believe that it is well worth the efforts to continue to add my voice, my writing, my passion and spirited social action to the small encampments, lighthouses and oases of enlightenment. It is well worth it for you to do the same. All of the books, magazines, websites, links, reviews, conferences, groups, meetings and people living in harmony with attachment parenting and other aspects of natural living symphony into beacons of unity. These beacons of unity support the voices of one another and assist and educate other people who are starting to turn away from our culture's addictive, superficial and mechanical solutions for the emptiness, disconnection, rage, apathy, anxiety and physical distress industrialized people are suffering.

I'm glad authenticity won out over writing a blog entry just for the sake of it. I hope you'll join me in adding to that refreshing, beautiful symphony as a beacon of unity. Please check back here or visit me on Facebook or Twitter.