It's About Time the APA and AAP Agrees: "It's NEVER OK to Hit a Child!"

On February 18, 2019 the American Psychological Association echoed the American Academy of Pediatrics November 5, 2018 statement that corporal punishment, or legalized violence against children, is harmful to children. Both finally agreed with those of us who have been on the front lines of children's rights for decades declaring, "It's NEVER OK to hit a child!" Here is my official statement:

For decades, Adah Maurer, Jordan Riak, Murray Straus, Alice Miller and myriads of other groups and professionals, including myself, have been speaking out about the detrimental holistic developmental effects on youths of the legalized child abuse known as "corporal punishment". Over sixty years of research, centuries of philosophical warnings and recent modern epigenetic and neurodevelopmental research have overwhelmingly decried this deleterious human rights violation against children.

My advocacy on behalf of children spans my entire professional career in the fields of mental health, social work, education and juvenile justice. The fact that children should not be hit is not new or revolutionary information. Violence against  children in its many candy-coated legal or illegal forms is the festering, miasmic root of violence in our society. While I am pleased that the APA and AAP have finally caught up to the rest of us child advocates, it appalls me that they waited until 2018/2019 to protect innocent young, older and adolescent children.