Autism Spectrum


The unique gifts, creativity and perspectives of children on the Autism spectrum need a creatively and intellectually stimulating, sensory-enriching and compassionate environment in which to thrive. Unfortunately, children with ASD are labeled, stifled, punished and medicated by school systems, mental health professionals and the common behavioral philosophies based on control and alteration.

Attachment parenting and a natural learning environment will allow your child on the Autism spectrum to thrive to his or her fullest potential. Laurie has almost two decades of professional experience working with children of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. She also is the mother of a son with ASD and SPD.

However, Laurie truly understands ASD and SPD at a deeper level, having the unique perspective and insight of being on the Autism spectrum with
SPD, herself!

Laurie offers a 12-week coaching support package or single consultation  sessions for parents and professionals. She is able to work with you via
phone, email or Skype. Get started on your family's healing journey today!