Adoptive Parenting

Adoption is a beautiful gift for both a child in need of a family and for the adoptive family. However, adoption always means loss and attachment breaks for a child. Many adoptive children have suffered trauma, including severe and even extreme physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse and profound physical and emotional neglect. In the case of children who waited in foster homes, group homes or in orphanages for permanency, these children have suffered additional attachment trauma.

Loss, abuse, neglect and lack of permanency cause moderate to severe breaks in attachment, causing most adoptees to exhibit mild to severe difficulties with bonding, attachment, behavior and emotional stability. Many of these children meet the criteria for diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder and/or Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder.

Adoptees need a level of compassionate, gentle, nurturing parenting that is intensive and often involves meeting their needs at much earlier developmental stages than their current chronological stage of development. Traditional mental health treatment often fails with adoptees, but the popular mainstream philosophies of working with children with RAD is often punitive, harsh and more traumatizing to already hurt children.

Laurie has 17 years of professional experience treating adoptees of all ages with mild to severe RAD and PTSD and helping adoptive families to meet their children's unique needs in a compassionate, non-punitive, needs-focused manner using nature's attachment principles. Not only does Laurie have the clinical experience, Laurie is also the proud adoptive mom of her young adult son whom she adopted at the age of 11 from the foster care system.

Laurie offers a 12-week coaching support package or single consultation sessions for parents and professionals. She is able to work with you via phone, email or Skype. Get started on your family's healing journey today!