What people are saying about Laurie A. Couture

“I’m so glad to have connected with you Laurie. Your no-nonsense, uncompromising voice is such a refreshing welcome among the sea of circular rhetoric in this movement! I love your style! You have an important message for the world and your work is so needed in today’s culture! Good-on-ya Laurie, for being genuine, authentic and unstoppable!” -Laurette Lynn, The Unplugged Mom

“I think Laurie is the strongest proponent for attachment parenting and unschooling that I have ever met.” -Barb Lundgren, founder of The Rethinking Everything Conference

“Thank you, Laurie. Bless your heart for being the glowing love goddess for light and truth and children that you are!… Just see your son’s smile and you know it’s true. The heart work you do in the world blesses us all.” -Danielle White

“Where were you when I was a child, Laurie?” -Amita Amladi

“I always felt a lack of touch in my life as a child. But with my children I feel that I learned again what it is like to show love through touch, cuddling, hugs and just plain love and closeness. I had thought that maybe this will end at some point as my boys get older, but when I met you, Laurie, and your son, I knew that this closeness does not have to end; children do not grow out of this closeness; this is actually how humans should be.” -Vanessa Wichmann, unschooling Mom

“If not for Laurie A Couture I would have put my now 10 year old back into the system. She was a huge support in our early days of unschooling and I always learn something new by reading her posts and publications. Keep up the great work, Laurie!” -Tina DeGeer, unschooling Mom

“Laurie A Couture is the expert on unschooling, Attachment Parenting, ADHD, and sensory integration issues. I would recommend that you devour every word on her blog/Facebook pages and buy her book, maybe even employ her services for a short while if need be. I highly recommend her expertise and wisdom of unschooling/homeschooling and ADHD/ADD and autism… She is THE one to turn to for advice and support.” -Rachel Durkin, unschooling Mom

“A year ago I ran across Laurie A. Couture on an unschooling Facebook page. I added her, as I found her insight very enlightening. Little did I know she would become one of the most influential people in my life! Laurie has empowered me and my confidence as an attachment and gentle parent! I can easily and happily say that her natural and educated wisdom could shake anyone’s existence, who was ready to instill true passion and purpose into their children! I am privileged to have met her and her amazing son, Brycen!” -Tasia Stewart, unschooling Mom

What people are saying about Coaching/Consulting with Laurie

“You know when something just doesn’t feel right? Me, too. I kind of fell into attachment parenting- mainstream parenting didn’t feel right so I decided to do what felt right- and it was good, but I knew there was more out there. I knew that my childhood issues were creeping in and making me not be the kind of parent I wanted to be. Thank Heavens for the internet! I found Laurie A. Couture via it and her book: Instead of Medicating and Punishing. I was blown away- it was like she was talking to me. As soon as I could I booked a coaching session with her.

Laurie is warm, kind, and feels deep empathy and compassion for children and adults. This compassion allows her to give advice in a way that is not shaming or degrading but uplifting. She validated my feelings from childhood trauma and gave me advice on working through them.

Since an hour goes by really fast, I booked a second session. During this one she was able to- at a moment’s notice- talk to my husband about the importance of Unschooling. Previously, he was dead set against it. Laurie worked her magic and we have been able to become a much more connected family- working together. As a side note- I have some serious medical issues, Laurie was understanding and able to advise me how to help comfort and reassure my kids through the times when I was sick or hospitalized.

I highly recommend Laurie A. Couture. She will challenge you as a person to examine your beliefs, your needs, and your passions. She will then guide you- not drag you further than you ever knew you could go. Laurie also encourages critical thinking and has inspired me to look at issues from a whole other perspective.” –Elizabeth Handler, mom of five

“Laurie A Couture, I am so very grateful and impressed with your openness, warmth and compassion during our consultation. The information you so graciously shared with me has definitely changed the dynamics at home. I am no longer stressed or anxious about my family’s future. It’s amazing how much clearer it was to understand my role as a partner to my child once you broke down the secure [attachment] parenting cycle. It is so simple, yet most of us miss it. You provided me with so many feasible tools, many of which I have already researched and started the process of integrating into our lives. I feel blessed to have found you, honored to have worked with you and excited about the possibility of continuing to work with you in the near future. You are a very special soul.” -Lisa Zaptanis, mom of one

 “After speaking with Laurie, I feel like I’ve won the trifecta! She not only eased my worries about switching from ‘homeschooling’ to ‘unschooling’, but helped me understand the effects that our childrens’ adoptions and ADHD and Dyslexia diagnoses have on our relationship and their learning. Up to this point we’ve been schooling our kids in the manner of public school, but doing so at home. No wonder our kids were so unhappy and frustrated! Laurie gave me the confidence to listen to what my children need and not to worry about the naysayers (family and friends). Laurie’s knowledge base and insight is incredible, and it was truly a joy to speak with her.” -Mitzi Weir (“now an unschooling mom!”), mom of two

“I saw Laurie on the Anderson daytime show. The topic was ADHD and whether  to medicate or not. Most of the audience members had chosen to medicate, as I did with my son who is now 21 years old, but Laurie was in a minority, at least on the show, by choosing not to medicate. My son has no further interest  in school (not that he ever had an interest in school beyond kindergarten) and so what attracted me to Laurie was her “outside-the-box” thinking. I would call myself an “inside-the-box” thinker with an open mind. I live in Canada and so via Skype we had a 90 minute consulting session. The information that Laurie provided me with due to her experience as a mother and professional I’m sure will prove to be invaluable for my son. She was both very professional and approachable with down-to-earth workable ideas! Thank-you Laurie!” -Janice Pfaff, mom of three

Laurie gave me invaluable, concrete information and steps to take to reestablish the parent-child attachment with my son after the trauma of separation that came from my military deployment when he was an infant.” -Nadja Profit, mom of two

“After one session with Laurie I felt that a world of possibilities opened for me in regards to seeing both what my unschooled son likely needed and how to go about helping him get those needs met. As a result, we are starting to think about how we want to reach out into our community and find more purpose, build more connections and provide a bit more stimulation and meaning into our lives. I really appreciated Laurie’s direct manner and her ability to focus in on possible solutions and answers to the concerns I had.” -Melinda Gates, mom of one

“You are amazing!!!” -Susanne Roberts, mom of three

“I found Laurie A. Couture on Facebook and began reading her blog entries and realized she was one of the few professionals in the country who understood my approach to parenting. In our parenting consultation she had many fresh ideas she shared with me to help improve day to day in my family. This would not have gone so smoothly if I gone to a conventional practitioner, and I am very grateful I found Laurie and utilized her services.” -Rya Morgan, mom of three

“I just wanted to say thanks for listening to me. I hadn’t realized how unattached we had been becoming until I talked to you. The “issues” I felt I was having with the kids were from the way we responded to them and to their needs. That was the first thing that changed. We are calmer, happy and attached again! I knew most of these things and for some reason lost them; sometimes we need someone to remind us!” -Nicki Lovins, mom of three

“Thank you so much for your soothing words and advice. You have given me lots of hope, I have started putting your tips into practice already.” -Monika Ahmad, mom of two

“Laurie is an amazing woman! I had the pleasure of consulting with her about my son Elijah, who is 14 and has a dual diagnoses of Down Syndrome and Autism. I was emotionally and physically drained from the challenges I was facing. Laurie listened to me! She let me vent, made me laugh and assured me that what I was feeling was normal. She helped me to realize what I knew all along:  My son was just as frustrated as I was and to just be compassionate and positive. What I loved most about talking with Laurie was she gave me advice but didn’t make me feel like I was wrong. -Deanna Scibilia, mom of one

What people are saying about Laurie’s Book

“I AM GLUED TO YOUR BOOK, Laurie A Couture. Instead of Medicating and Punishing is a marvel and you have clearly outdone yourself in defining attachment parenting and breaking it down for all to understand. I’m halfway done and ready to change a few things in raising my own son. Thank you for writing such an instrumental piece to parenting! This is a MUST READ for any parent, grandparent or whoever cares about children and their well being. I’m thankful to have found this book sooner rather than later.” -Shelley Wright

“I just started reading Laurie A Couture’s book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing last night and WOW. I couldn’t put it down!” -Kristie Longan

“Your book is my bible. I was so unsteady starting out in home education three years ago and your book was my ROCK. Not only for the valuable information in it, but also for the powerful foundation of love that I felt in every page. I cannot even begin to thank YOU.” -Christeil F. Gota

“Laurie A. Couture’s book beautifully combines the science with practical advice and includes the benefits of home education.” -Christeil F. Gota

“The only parenting books worth a read: Instead of Medicating and Punishing and The Continuum Concept (by Jean Liedloff)!  This book needs to be promoted worldwide!” -Heather Rexroad

“I got your book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing, from the library inter-library loan. It is very overdue and can’t be renewed, but I just can’t send it back yet! I keep finding wonderful gems in it. What a fantastic book.  Thanks for all the wonderful things you have done and will do!” -Molly

“I am excited to hear from Laurie A. Couture. Her book literally saved my daughter’s life and humanity and I cannot wait to have the chance to meet her in person. ” -Anonymous

“Your message is important, and every child will benefit from their parents reading your book.” -Stig Royvik

“My son was 4 months old when I bought this book… The information about attachment parenting gave me confidence in my parenting style. This book solidified my own beliefs on how “toxic” our society is and how backwards it is when trying to raise a child. There is so much valuable information in this book for new parents, “experienced” parents, parents with children in school, for children whose parents were told to medicate them. This book really made me think about how I want to parent my child, it made me question the school system and I am currently educating myself on other options. I thank Laurie for writing this book and I am confident that with the information in this book I will raise a happy child. Already at 10 months old, I get so many comments on how happy my baby is and I know it is because we have and are establishing a good parent-child attachment with the help of Laurie’s book.” -Erin Elizabeth

“I highly recommend this book! The author is brilliant.” -Mike Callahan

“There is a book that is on my ‘best discoveries’ list I think you would appreciate. It is titled Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of our Children’s Acting Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended by Laurie A Couture. Anyone who has issues with their children that does not believe violence is the answer could benefit more from this book than any other resource I have ever came upon, in my opinion. This book not only responds to all the issues parents may face, it gets to the root of problems. I also found it helps adults, whether parents or not, find the root of any issues they have within themselves. I would recommend this book to every parent (even non-parents) on the planet until I was blue in the face if I had time! I believe if parents followed the philosophies in this book, we could literally change to a more peaceful and stable society in ONE generation!” -Tabatha Lynn

What people are saying about hearing Laurie speak

“Hi Laurie, It was lovely to meet you at the conference. I so enjoyed your session Wednesday morning and can not wait to delve into your book as well as listen to Brycen’s CD. I briefly got to talk with Brycen. He is is a lovely young man with an incredible energy.” -Jamie, mom of two

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for being at the conference. I really appreciate a lot of what both you and Brycen had to say. It was really good to hear what an older teen had to say and I especially enjoyed the unschooling kids panel. Brycen strikes me as so very self aware and comfortable with who he is. I know I was definitely not there when I was 17, and I even feel like I am just now starting to figure out who I am at nearly 30 so it was amazing and inspiring to see and hear him talk about himself and his experiences. It definitely gives me a lot of hope and encouragement and joy for my own kids as we go on this unschooling journey of ours. I just wanted to say that I am really glad that both of you were at the conference and that your presence was a positive thing for our family, thank you!” -Annie, mom of two

“I always felt a lack of touch in my life as a child and still feel uncomfortable with it most of the time. But with my children I feel that I learned again what it is like to show love through touch, cuddling, hugs and just plain love and closeness. I had thought that maybe this will end at some point as my boys get older, but when I met you, Laurie, and your son, I could knew that this closeness does not have to end; children do not grow out of this closeness; this is actually how humans should be.” -Vanessa, mom of two

What people are saying about Laurie in the media

“I will definitely recommend your book to my parents and read it myself. It is so very nice to find someone like minded… Your son is such a lucky boy to have a parent support his creativity and passions. Most kids are creatively stifled in public schools and this definitely leads to inability to focus, depression and rage. I am also a body language expert and found your son (on the Anderson daytime show)… was sure of himself and truly full of joy. I will stay in touch and the best to you and your lovely son.” -Dr. Debra Butler, Psychologist

“Excellent show (Anderson) – you are an inspiration!” -Glenn Gooderham

“Thank you, Laurie, for being so courageous and standing up and telling the world that you cannot fit a round peg into a square hole without medicating the daylights out of our children. You are a blessing and I hope to see many more like you stand up and teach children to learn who they are, how they learn and to encourage that learning as they will be the leaders in our new world.” -Cornelia Boisjoli

“I think what you do for your son is incredible. You really are a dedicated parent. You are so in tune with him and his needs to become the very best he can be. I wish all parents thought like that.” (Anderson) -Jessica

“When I heard you on Anderson, I felt that was listening to myself (without your courage). You expressed the thoughts, beliefs and convictions I have. This note cannot express my excitement at having had the opportunity to see and hear you today!” -Christina de Valencia

“I just wanted to say thank you for what you did on the Anderson show. You kept your cool in a volatile environment where they snow-balled you with bias.  I just wanted you to know you are appreciated and to keep up the good fight. -Dr. Lee Schwalenberg, D.C.

“I just watched the episode of Anderson about medicating vs. non-medicating children with ADHD. I am so glad to hear your refreshing opinion on this subject… I look forward to purchasing your book. Thank you for being a voice for those of us that want to help our kids without medication.” -Christy Sydow

“Just watched the documentary (The War on Kids, 2009). I was extremely impressed with everything you had to say in it. You were the most consistently insightful commentator. I will be recommending the film to everyone!” -Kathleen Nicole O’Neal

“I love your peaceful messages and way of thinking. Your YouTube videos have brought me so much inspiration and comfort. Thanks Laurie, I will be visiting your website and look into buying your book.” -Audrey, mom of two

“Laurie, you are so brilliant in this film (The War On Kids, 2009)! I hope you don’t mind, but I took dictation on you, just so I could share it!” -Christeil F. Gota

“This is FANTASTIC, thank you. I love it, love it, love it…” -@onegreeneye on YouTube

“I really enjoyed your video (YouTube) that you did with your son and I shared it with over 1,700 people today on Facebook! Aloha! -Walker Marchal

“Thanks to you and your video series on Youtube, I feel confident about beginning my daughter (and myself) on “unschooling” this semester.” -Naomi

“Thanks so much for these videos! Especially about coming out of public school. I really want my oldest to find his passion again.” -@healthymomof2