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Epic Fail: Good Morning America Gets “F” for Biased Radical Unschooling Report

21 April 2010 Categories: unschooling

When Juju Chang asked the teenage siblings featured in Good Morning America’s report on Radical Unschooling if they “ever miss or regret” not being in school, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would ask a survivor of a hostage situation if they “ever miss or regret” not being in bondage. Clearly, from the sitcom-like, satirical nature of GMA’s segment, Juju and George Stehanopolos spinned a patronizing, smug and biased attitude towards the idea of youth living in freedom- The way children, including Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Margret Mead, had done it for millennia. This montage of painfully obvious bad edits and carefully selected quotes was patched together to make the Yablonski-Biegler family appear irresponsible, negligent and ignorant. What ironic fuel for the firestorm of oppressive legislators around the country who are already working to infringe upon the inalienable rights of homeschooling families! […]

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Health Care Reform Rant: It’s the Same Old Sickness

07 April 2010 Categories: Natural family living

So the “historical” health care “overhaul” was passed in the House in recent weeks:

This is more of the same old propaganda: Co-pays, ridiculous prices, high deductibles, medical bills and of course, mediocre treat-the-body-as-machine primary care docs. A real overhaul would be free care for all, plus a medical system that treated the causes rather than the symptoms; a medical system that stopped sleeping with the big financial goldmine giants (Big Pharma, Medical supply cos, etc.). How about looking at how our American diet of refined sugar and wheat kills people? How our Western lifestyle of children and adults sedentary all day in schools, work places and then in front of screens all night leads to depression, apathy, Type II diabetes, obesity and heart disease? How the way we deny the body its basic needs all day in schools and at work ruins the organs and causes disorders? How child trauma and poor parent-child attachments lead to high levels of Cortisol chronically pumping through the body, leading to an erosion of the immune system and the body systems? How about how the drug companies kill thousands every year because its cheaper to pay off lawsuits than to lose money on allowing people to heal naturally both emotionally and physically? How about how the Government is fighting to have all vitamins and natural supplements labeled as “drugs” so that they will be considered “controlled substances” so no one can cure themselves? How about (besides vital emergency care), the medical field is all about symptom suppression rather than healing and curing? (Who the hell wants to “manage” their asthma as a recent medical insurance pamphlet sent to me suggests! “Manage”? I want a goddamned cure!) […]

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