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UN Convention on Rights of The Child: Why is Education Compulsory?

29 November 2009 Categories: unschooling

Child advocate Louise Gordon sent me a message on Facebook today asking me my thoughts about the contradictions in The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child related to compulsory education and children’s rights to freedom of thought and pursuit of knowledge. I’ve been familiar with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for at least a decade, especially concerning the international child advocacy work I have done with Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE) for the past 12 years in efforts to abolish corporal punishment of children. The UN Convention is a universal, global children’s rights declaration meant to protect the rights, freedom, dignity, needs and vulnerability of children in every country. Any child advocate knows children of all ages need protection from the exploitation they receive daily in our society from adults, which includes everything from the common day-to-day ageist subordination to the outright physical, psychological and sexual torture some children endure. Child advocates all over the USA have decried the fact that the USA is alone with Somalia as the only two member countries in the UN who have refused to ratify the UN Convention. This fact no doubt reflects a similar hypocrisy of the “Land of the Free” refusing to join the 25 other countries that abolished all corporal punishment of children in homes and schools starting in 1979 with Sweden. […]

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Regarding the Phenomena of “Children Without a Conscience”

20 November 2009 Categories: child abuse

Regarding the phenomena of “children without a conscience”, conscience, or human moral/spiritual development, develops in the context of secure parent-child attachment or nurturing, loving caretakers. If a child has “no conscience” (total lack of empathy for the victim), they have had no sense of own their needs mattering to anyone or being met. These are the children of cold, indifferent, detached and often abusive parents. These children can be habilitated by loving, nurturing caretakers committing to them and showing strong leadership, firm sense of restitution and high expectations, as well as a huge amount of empathy, compassion, physical affection and care to the child’s emotional and physical needs. Brain scans of Romanian orphans deprived of human attachment actually show that conscience cannot develop in love-deprived children.

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Exhausted by the Mainstream Drowning Out Natural Instinct

14 November 2009 Categories: Natural family living

My publisher suggested to me a few months ago that I should increase my book’s visibility by blogging. Bloggers are everywhere, making it clear to me that blogging is one of the keys to viral marketing. Yes, I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and what I like about Facebook is the ability to post links and write small comments. I am a busy woman, and quick is what I need after a long day of working, overseeing my son’s unschooling and taking care of the day to day chaoses of life. Thus, blogging has seemed like a chore.

I stopped this morning and asked myself why I, a passionate writer who wishes to make a living at promoting my book and writing other books, would be anything other than ecstatic about writing a blog about attachment parenting, unschooling, and natural family living. The answer came as inertia glared down on my shoulders and eye lids: I’m exhausted by the mainstream. I am exhausted by how mainstream ignorance consistently and relentlessly drowns out nature’s pleas with the human race to live in harmony with how we were intended by nature to live. I am exhausted by the bitter and hostile defensiveness of those too wounded by industrialization to even consider that the very problems they complain about are a result of our culture itself and our brainwashed belief that our way of life is the only way imaginable. […]

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