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Toddlers Should Be Home with Mom, Not Left to Cry

16 September 2009 Categories: Attachment parenting

This article:

is dangerous. Well-meaning parents take the advice of “experts” such as the website that hosted this article seriously and suspend their own instincts. The toddler should be home with her mother, not dropped off. She is screaming because she is signaling to her mother that being separated from her mother is painful to her, is running counter to her basic attachment needs and is an alarming, emotionally dangerous situation. The authors do not know the damage they are doing by encouraging parents to just leave their child and let him or her cry. This insensitive behavior goes against the mammal attachment cycle and against every most basic mammal instinct!

Trust your children and do not turn them over to others to raise them!

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Babies, like Kangaroo Joeys Need to be Worn Constantly

06 September 2009 Categories: Attachment parenting

I posted this on my website on July 21, 2009:

This story tells us a great deal about the needs of mammals, including humans. Thankfully, the joey was rescued and that the zoo keeper is taking painstaking efforts to replicate the joey’s basic attachment needs. The fact that the mother rejected the baby in captivity is testimony to how stressful unnatural environments are to animals, including humans, and how those environments drive parents of all species to act in ways that are not in their offspring’s best interests. Scientisists spend a great deal of time studying and replicating animal nurturing, baby-wearing, nursing and other needs, without realizing that babies of our own species also need to be worn and held on the skin constantly for nine months, nursed for up to 4 and 1/2 years and raised in nurturing enviornments where children can learn in their own way. Scientists know that haphazard, random or mediocre caregiving doesn’t work to raise baby animals. My hope is that our science fields realize the same about children of our own species.

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